Amethyst Sun

pendant with a big amethyst in a sun shape
pendant with a big amethyst in a sun shape 2. view

This big amethyst cabochon has invited me to surround it with a sun wheel. The amethysts purple is glowing and warm, and invites us also, to glow in this wonderful colour of spirituality. So the message of this pendand is: To let the inner eye (highest purple charkra) glow like a sun.

Of course this pendand is, (like all my jewelry) unique. All in all 15 pieces of wire and metal have been brazed together. The Amethyst is set in a frame, which is beaten close together by a hammer and holds the precious stone safely in place. The chain is threaded through a custom loop, especially designed to prevent rubbing and ensure comfort and a long life.

Weight:: 16g
width: 35 mm
height: 46 mm
Chain: 2 mm snake chain (925 silver), 450-500 mm long (can be adjusted)
Weight: approx. 11,5g

Used Materials:
925 silver
Amethyst cabochon Ø 20 mm
stamp: „925“
„Joli“ (signature)

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