Flying Bird

silverpendant with flying bird
reverse view
how it looks

Flying is one of our primal urge. Observing the world from above, keeping the overview about live. To be prevented  from nothing except the wind – that´s flying. Experiencing true ease from inside and outside
This pendant is (like all my jewellery) one-of-a-kind. Also the process of manufacture is unique.
The motif is drawn on a thin silverplate (0.8-1.00 mm thickness), then chased and hallmarked until the motif reaches a natural depth. Further details are then etched with files and needles. Sometimes gold plates or gold wire (750 content of gold) are soldered onto the plates to give it a more colorful appearance.
The real Amethyst and Carnelian are placed in hammered settings, which hold the gemstones safely and securely.
The chain is lead through a sturdy glider, which is connected to the pendant with a 1,2mm thick wire, preventing wear out for a long time.

W: 37mm
H: 40mm without loop
Chain: Snake chain Ø2mm (925 Silver) 610mm long (can be adjusted), weight 16g
925 Silver with 750 Yellowgold layers (0,4mm thick)
Amethyst Ø 6,5 mm
Cornelian Ø 4mm
Stemps: “925”  “750”
“Joli” (signature)