Golden Sunflower -Joy of Life-

Silberanhänger mit goldener Sonnenblume
Silberanhänger mit goldener Sonnenblume

Sunflowers impress me with their joy of being, their incredible devotion to growing towards the light. In my little silver sunflower I have tried to capture some of this devotion to growth and prosperity. The small sunflower is supported by the cheerful admirable charisma of the carnelian and by the gold matching the colour of the sunflower and, which from an alchemical point of view is the metal of the sun.
Of course this pendant is (like all my pieces of jewellery) one-of-a-kind. A total of 15 wire and sheet metal parts have been soldered for its creation. Each of these parts had to be cut out, formed, filed, ground, partially chased and engraved until they were exactly joined together. The Carnelian is set in a frame, which is beaten closed with a hammer so that it hold the precious stone safely in place. The chain is threaded through a custom made loop, which holds the pendant on a 2,5mm thick wire specially designed for this style of necklace preventing rubbing and ensuring comfort and a long life. There are no pre-fabricated parts used

Weight of the pendant: 13g
thereof 1,5g 750 Gold
Dimensions of the pendant:
Width: 33 mm
Hight: 66 mm (incl. glider)
Chain: 2.7 mm double anchor chain (925 silver), 400-500 mm long (please specify length). Weight of the chain approx. 5,6-7g
925 silver with partly 750 goldlayer
(0,4 mm thickness) in the sunflower and in the setting oft the gem
Carnelian Cabochon 10 mm
Stamp: "925""750"
"Joli" (signature)